If a student is transferring to PRSNA must: 
• Complete Application for Admission and requirements. 
• Request official transcript from the institution of origin sent to PRSNA. 
• Possess a minimum of 3.00 GPA. 
• The School will evaluate individually the official transcripts. The evaluation will take the number of credits taken at the original institution versus the amount to be taken at PRSNA, as well as the equivalence in courses’ descriptions, into consideration. Only courses with A or B grades that were taken no earlier than 5 years prior the transfer years will be validated. A maximum of a third of the total of credits required may be validated. 
• The applicant must present a letter of recommendation from the director of the institution of origin.



According to the norms that govern the Puerto Rico School of Nurse Anesthetists, internally, "transferability" will not be more than fifty percent (50%) of the courses for a student who has completed one of the academic programs and wants to complete another academic program.

"Transferability" is the term we use for courses that are taken into consideration when replacing one program with another within the institution. In order for a student to request "transferability" of courses from one program to another he must have completed the degree for which he is requesting "transferability" for another program.  Only up to 50% of the courses of the degree conferred for the other program may be considered. The courses to "transferability" must meet and keep tangency with the proposed curriculum; must have a grade of A or B and not be more than 5 years old from the date they completed the degree for which they request the "transferability". The "transferability" courses will affect credits attempted, approved and "grade point of average". In the "transferability" the student may request in writing at the time of admission to the other program and must request a transcript of the grade for which he is requesting the "transferability" to be delivered to the Program Director and the evaluation can proceed from the courses to the program for which you want to be admitted. Applications for "transferability" will not be accepted after the admission process. This process is subject to evaluation and approval by the Program Director.