PRSNA promotes a respectful work and educational environment that is free from sexual harassment.  The institution provides support, education, and reporting mechanisms to all members of the academic community.


All members of the academic community are prohibited from engaging in sexual harassment and retaliating against individuals based on their participation in a sexual harassment investigation. Supervisors must take prompt remedial action to respond to any concerns, including referring the matter to relevant internal options.


Any individual who believes they have been subjected to sexual harassment or retaliation for reporting sexual harassment can report their concerns to the Counselor. Information about victim survivor services will be provided for additional support.


No one acting on behalf of PRSNA may retaliate against an individual for having made a report in good faith under this policy or participated in a sexual harassment investigation. Any employee who engages in retaliation may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Reports of retaliation will be reviewed and investigated in the same manner in which other allegations of misconduct are handled.