Institutional Mission, Vision and Objectives

Carlos J. Borrero Ríos , CRNA, MSA

Our mission is to continue training professionals by providing an education of excellence that guides them to perform their responsibilities in an ethical manner and with humane sensitivity. The Professional University Dr. Carlos J. Borrero Ríos wants to aid in the strengthening of a workforce capable of responding and adapting to the rapid social changes and the specific needs of diverse populations. We want to offer high quality academic programs that will help shape professionals with the skills required by the present job market. We want to serve as a teaching center for professionals to help keep them updated throughout their developing careers. 

Our Vision


To become an excellent institution of higher education recognized for the preparation of professionals renowned for the quality of their practice.  

To develop diverse and ample academic offerings to facilitate the development of professionals qualified to perform up to date and ethical services. 


Objectives of the Professional University Dr. Carlos J. Borrero Ríos 

1. Prepare professionals with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to provide diverse services in accordance with their professional standards. 

2. Provide extended learning opportunities that promote the development of skills required for professional practice. 

3. To develop professionals capable of meeting the needs of diverse populations, adapt to rapid social and technological changes and to constantly improve the services they provide. 

4. To develop professionals with the right ethics and set of values, that are so needed in this line of work, to provide a humanistic service and to assume responsibility for self-development and self-discipline. 

5. We will make sure that our faculty and students are putting in practice the critical thinking tools in our learning experiences and classrooms. 

6. Continue working with national, regional, and professional accreditations for our institution.