Institutional Mission, Vision and Goals

Carlos J. Borrero Ríos , CRNA, MSA

The mission of the Puerto Rico School of Nurse Anesthetists is to contribute to the training of nursing professionals through an education of excellence that enables them to provide clinically competent care and with humanistic sensitivity.

Contribute to the strengthening of a workforce capable of responding and adapting to the rapid social changes and the health needs of diverse populations.

Offer nursing education programs with high-quality parameters and with the skills required for advanced practice. Serve as a teaching center for professionals to keep them updated throughout their professional careers.

Our Vision


To become an excellent institution of higher education recognized for the preparation of nurse anesthetists and other nursing professionals renowned for the quality of their practice.  To develop diverse and ample academic offerings of advanced practice to facilitate health professionals’ development that qualifies them to perform up to date and safe services.


Our Goals

1. To prepare nurses with the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for delivering safe services according to professional standards and discipline regulations.

2. To provide broad opportunities for learning that promotes the development of the         

    competencies for nursing practice.

3. To develop professionals able to respond to the needs of diverse populations, to rapid

    social and technological changes, and to offer high-quality health services.

4. To develop nurses with the necessary values to provide a humanistic service and to

    assume responsibility for self-development in the advancement of the nursing discipline