Accreditation is defined ​as "The action or process of officially recognizing someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity" (Oxford Dictionary, 2018).  In terms of educational institutions, we seek accreditation to evidence the high quality of the education we provide and to maintain it.  Accreditation processes helps us identify what needs to be done and how we need to do it.  


Other reasons of why is accreditation is Important are:

  • Helps students identify and select acceptable institutions for enrollment.

  • Helps us determining acceptability of transfer credits. 

  • Helps employers determine the validity of our programs of study and the qualifications of our students. 

  • Helps employers determine eligibility for employee tuition reimbursement programs.

  • Graduates are able to prepare for certification examinations.

  • Helps to create and maintain an institutional evaluation and planning culture, where evidence is important.

  • Helps us create different goals for our institutional self-improvement.

  • Provides another way for self-regulatory for state oversight functions.

  • Provides a basis for determining eligibility for federal student assistance. With accreditation students can apply for federal grants and loans.