Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program Mission


       The curriculum is designed to award a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice to graduate students who successfully complete graduation requirements.  The curriculum is designed to focus on the full scope of nurse anesthesia practice including:

  • Course(s): Advanced Physiology/Pathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology, Basic and Advanced Principles in Nurse Anesthesia, and Advanced Health Assessment (See Glossary “Advanced Health Assessment”)

Program Progression

       The DNAP Program is a continuous course of study, 36-month “block” program. Students may progress toward the DNAP degree when they have:

  • Completed all scheduled DNAP-labeled program courses, thus far, with a grade of 3.00 (“B”) or better on a 4.00 grade point scale.

  • Completed all scheduled non-DNAP-labeled program courses, thus far, with an average grade of

       3.00 (“B”) or better .

  • Completed all scheduled clinical practicum courses, thus far, with a grade of “Pass”.