PRSNA offers a Master's degree Sciences in Nursing with Specialty in Critical Care

The mission of the Master's degree Sciences in Nursing with a Specialty in Critical Care is to prepare a specialized nurse for the management of critically ill patients and for the performance of various roles with a high sense of responsibility, commitment, humanism and dynamism within health care institutions. The program will train graduates to fill positions of administration, leadership, and educator in various scenarios. Emphasizing evidence-based practice, research, problem-solving, critical thinking, and the use of technology to address the problems of critically ill patients, family, and community. 

Goals of the Program

  1. Develop competencies in the area of critical care specialty that trains the nursing professional to make meaningful contributions independently and collaboratively in the delivery of health services and nursing practice.

  2. To evaluate the body of knowledge of the theories and models as a basis to contribute to the practice of the discipline of nursing.

  3. Develop the research competence and the use of the findings in critical practice.

  4. To assess the applicability of theories and management models to coordinate the efficient use of human, material and fiscal resources in the provision of health services.

  5. Acquire knowledge and skills related to functional roles in nursing education and management.

  6. Demonstrate leadership skills to initiate and carry out changes in the specialty area within health care systems.

  7. Possess ethical-professional attitudes, communication skills, leadership, critical thinking and use of technology to facilitate the intervention with the person, the family, and the community.


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