PRSNA will maintain a grievance record that is used to monitor cases and improve all of our internal procedures. This record is available through our webpage as part of the information for students and of the consumer information. The grievance record helps us to analyze information about grievance, conflict trends, personal and academic issues. 


The result of any grievance gives the institution the opportunity to make changes and improvements when needed. The information about any grievance that is received, no matter if it was resolved immediately, will be provided to the Board of Directors.  The Dean of Academic Affairs and the Chief Executive Officer will be responsible of providing this information to the Board of Directors.  The information will be discussed and analyzed in meetings.  With the result of this analysis we can implement changes and continue managing grievance procedure in an efficient manner.

PRSNA has not received any formal complaint to date. This page is updated quarterly.

Last update: June 30, 2019