The student must carry identification with photo at all times within campus premises and in the clinical areas, including registration periods, and it may also be required to enter the classroom.
Students may be denied access to the class for not having their identification.


School Property
Students will be financially responsible for damages or destruction of PRSNA’S property.


Controlled Substances
PRSNA recognizes that addiction to controlled substances is a treatable condition and students are encouraged to seek help in counseling or psychological services, or any other type of treatment appropriate for alcohol abuse and use of controlled substances.

Any student accused of a violation of any federal or state law involving controlled substances will not receive the master’s degree until the charges are dropped or the student is absolved of such charges. The student who is found guilty of criminal charges involving drugs or controlled substances will be immediately expelled from PRSNA.

The Discipline Committee
This institutional body is responsible for developing, implementing and reviewing the policies, rules, and procedures that govern the standards of conduct of the PRSNA students’ bodies. The committee is formed by the Academic Dean, the Program Director, the Counselor, and two faculty professors.